Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Last of My Fall Looks.... Winter is Officially HERE

This little plaid blanket scarf took 2014 by storm (& completes any fall look,) especially one found at a thrift store!

 I wanted to showcase some of my favorite thrift store finds with this look. As you all know I love thrifting, but why I love it so much is that you have the chance of finding barely worn, on-trend items at a deep discount. Some people (myself included) definitely can be labeled a shop-aholic and sometimes you buy things (thinking you desperately need it!) and it just doesn't look right at home, so you end up donating it. I think all those times I've made good donations, the good Karma is coming back to me because I have scored a few really awesome items lately. Keep reading to see some of my most recent thrift store treasures.

I love having small feet (size 6 if you are uber curious). That means I also can wear a child's size 5. Yup, they are small. That means I'm a prime candidate for vintage and used shoes. Check out these studded Aldo loafers I purchased for $10. They looked to have been worn once.

Tartan plaid scarf: Target / Vintage flower print shirt: Tommy Hilfiger from Macy's / Pants: Kohl's
And check out this army green cargo jacket I found at the Village Discount for only a few dollars!! When I was standing in the check out line, the girl behind me even complimented me on my great item. Gotta love it when you get compliments at a thrift store :)

Here's here's an outfit I put together with a plaid flannel I also picked up at the Village Discount for $3 (Target brand).

I love the masculine elements of the plaid mixed with the girlie elements of the pearls. My necklace is from Banana Republic Friends and Family sale (50% off!) earlier this year and the vest is a Macy's clearance find I thought looked similar to the J Crew Herringbone vest. This one only set me back $23.
Boots: Last season Aldo

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