Tuesday, December 9, 2014

For the Love of Christmas - Holiday Decorating on a Budget

Everything on this table was found at a thrift store. Decorating on a budget is my mantra this year.

If you have been reading my blog you know that I taught you all how to decorate for Fall here. Well since this blog's main theme is being trendy and having nice things all within a budget, I thought I'd share with you pictures of my Holiday table. Please note I have recycled a few decorations from my fall-scape. Budget. Budget. BUDGET!

I have always had some weird interest with snowmen decorations. It started when I was young. Please don't laugh but it's true. Here's an embarrassing pic from the '90s of me with a snowman. (Probably more embarrassing for my brother hahah)


Anyway, back to my table. I found those ADORABLE snowman plates for $1/piece and have been collecting the matching mugs from various thrift stores. From a Google search they appear to be from Crate and Barrel. :) I recycled the gold chargers from my fall table, but added in deep red ones along with a gold lame (lam-ay) and cream table runner that I made from 4 place mats I picked up from the Salvation Army. I didn't need rectangle place mats so I just combined them for a chic DIY table runner!

The centerpiece I found for $3 back in September and had to have it so I have been storing it until now. It's silver and gold glitter Christmas trees that LIGHT UP! What a steal! They complement the hold lame table runner very nicely.
The crystal glasses I picked up last year and recently found them out to be German wine glasses from the 50s/60s. They are my favorite and I think they add that piece of intrigue to my holiday table as the stems of the glasses are so unusual looking.

This Angel chime thing is also German. Most of my family is German so that is my guess why we had it growing up. Anyway, I bought one off eBay because I was always enamored with how the heat would make the angels spin and create the "chime" sound. It's cool looking and mid-century so other reasons I like it. :) Found this mid-century Christmas tree plate as the Salvation army for a few dollars. It's just so cute!

The peppermint candle sticks and holly berry wreaths are from the little shops in Nashville, Indiana I purchased a few years back. It takes a long time to build up your holiday decorations from scratch.

Lastly, here are the Restoration Hardware nickel-plated snowflake stocking holders I purchased from the Salvation army for $6/piece. Perfect item to complete my holiday decorating.

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