Wednesday, November 12, 2014

An Effortless Way to Mix Stripes.... Goodbye to Fall in Chicago!

So happy and carefree...
With highs in the 30s in Chicago and the impending "Polar Vortex" looming over Chicago, it seems like winter is going to be starting early this year.

 I want to get in as many cute outfits for fall before I have to be completely covered up from head to toe only wearing my Timberland knee high boots 24/7. For this outfit I wanted to show you some thrift store finds I combined that incorporated color and stripes.

Stripes can be tricky to wear. We've all heard that they can make you look "bigger" and honestly I had to return this super cute navy and white stripe shirt a few months back to Old Navy because it errr added like 20 lbs to me! Or maybe you just think of this picture... I did (and I have no idea why!! haha). Regardless, wearing stripes can be flattering you just have to find the right fitting shirt for your body type. Don't wear anything that is baggy and don't wear anything that accentuates places on your body you don't want to draw attention to because the stripes will amplify those areas. I think sticking to wide stripes for myself is a safe bet.

(Don't worry unless you're thinking of buying a matching striped hat to your shirt, I think we'll all be saved from the style of this picture! :)

When mixing patterns there's a good rule to follow. If you're wearing a wide patterned shirt then corresponding matching pattern item should be small or "tight". With my outfit I am wearing a wide striped shirt with a tight stripe scarf. If I wore two tight stripped items I might look like the above picture or two wide striped items I would probably look too "matchy-match." (Which I secretly want to match everything and have to stop myself!)

I picked up this Talbot's shirt with the tags still on it for $8 and the J Crew cashmere scarf for $4 the other day. I loved the Talbot's shirt because of the bright colors and the rhinestones around the collar. And hey the price tag said $90! The J Crew scarf was just too cute to pass up with the dipped in pink fringe. And when I say thrift store, I mean a true "get down and dirty" store where you have to sift through hundreds of items, not curated collections that you would find at resale shops such as Plato's Closet, etc.

Only $8... never worn!
I paired the shirt with some grey jeans from the Gap, a wine colored faux leather jacket (Steve Madden) from Marshall's I picked up last fall and my favorite pair of purple Cole Haan Nike flats that only cost $40 off eBay. I also have them in black and they were full price from Nordstrom but I wear them almost everyday so a splurge here and there is okay :)

Love purple shoes... especially Cole Haan that costs $40
My Kate Spade purse was also an eBay score... brand new, half off!
Another senior pic :)
And one last shout out to fall!

Get the Look by Olden to Golden

1. Target Women's Raglan 3/4 Sleeve Top
2. Rhinestone Collar Necklace
3. Macy's Wine Colored Faux Leather Jacket
4. Sole Society Purple Bow Flat
5. Gap Gray "Super Skinny" Khakis
6. Sperry Stripe Scarf

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