Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween -- A Look at My DIY Costumes Over the Years!!

 A match made in (denim) heaven! Here are some of my favorite DIY costumes from over the years.
Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays! Who doesn't like to dress up and eat candy?!! It means I can CRAFT the entire month of October with purpose! It also is when I started dating my boyfriend, Albert. In 2010, he was dressed as a twinkie, myself Snooki from Jersey Shore (no judging).

My all time favorite costume is when I coordinated a group of friends, my sister and my boyfriend to help me pull off looks from Katy Perry's "California Gurls" music video in 2011. I love Katy Perry because her music and attitude are fun and her costumes are a DIY girl's dream. They are always over the top and fantastic. Katy dressed in movie theatre garb is one of my favorites. She has Mike & Ike's on her sunglasses--amazing!! I gotta learn how to sew before I take this one on!

Katy's costumes were a bit scandalous for the house party we were going to and Chicago's fall/winter weather is always chilly by Oct 31st so I took my own approach when making the costumes. They still looked like her but with my own aesthetic. And if you're wondering who the girl is on the end who isn't candy... it is my friend Lindsey, who is a crazy good artist. She made each piece of sushi from clay, painted it and pinned it to her costume!

My boyfriend Albert was a gingerbread man. We got his costume from eBay (perfect, right?). My costume top is a corset I ordered from eBay with candy glued-mostly gumballs. The ice cream cone and side piece of candy I made from styrofoam and fabric and the skirt is made from tulle. I glued pieces of candy to bracelets and wore a purple wig because purple is my favorite color.

Here I am the year before in 2010 as Snooki with my best friend Heather, who of course was Snooki's BFF, JWOWW.

I spent all month making those jeweled glasses! The base are safety glasses from Home Depot and all the jewels are from Michaels. The dress was some Ed Hardy knockoff from eBay and my wig was the years authentic Snooki wig. I probably saw 10 Snooki's that night... it was a good night. Heather wore a DIY pink jeweled bra-let and ripped tights. I'm sure JWOWW would have approved.

My sister went as a contestant from Guts--we love the 90s! Lindsey and I helped her make her entire costume. She's lucky she has a crafty big sis. And you can see my silly boyfriend Twinkie in the background.

In 2012 we went the squeaky clean route and the crew got together again to be loofah's and soap! We hand painted Albert's sandwich board which we made from cardboard purchased from Michael's. I added rope so he was "soap on a rope." (Poor Albert just goes along with my crazy costume ideas, he's the best :).  The girls are wearing romper's with the bottom cut out and then tulle purchased from a discount fabric store website. We then sprayed glitter and glued a rubber ducky to give it our own touch. And probably the best part, we each had BUBBLE GUNS!!!

Last year I was a Killer Bee. We had a wedding to go to the weekend of Halloween and I didn't have any big plans so I just pulled a few things I had laying around in my "costume box." (Every DIY girl has one of these!)

The bandolier is made from real bullets and I purchased that off eBay years ago for a homemade Chuck Norris costume I wore in college. The dress is from this fabulous store in Boystown called Beatnix.

And I had to have gotten my creativity from somewhere. My Mom handmade these costumes for us in 1989 before the Internet, Pinterest and Blogs. I'm pretty sure her work would have gone viral as her attention to detail was crazy and her sewing impeccable. She of course was Dorothy :)

This year I'm dressing Katy Perry and my boyfriend as Riff Raff from the MTV Movie Awards. Denim on Denim on Denim. Pictures to come later tonight!

******Update***** Here are some pics from my night as Katy Perry with my handsome date Riff Raff!
You aren't dressed unless you're perfectly accessorized!
My friend Lindsey is quite the DIY-er herself :)
Pretty Mermaid!

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