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5 Ways to Decorate Your Table for Fall Using New and Thrift Store Items

A bold statement centerpiece is this year's "must have" for your Fall table setting!
Fall is upon us, at least in Chicago it is. And I love being festive! If that means dressing up in costume for Halloween, wearing a scarf, puffer vest, flannel and boots or just drinking pumpkin spice lattes; anything that celebrates fall is okay by me (que "basic white girl in fall meme"). This year I decided to make my dining room table the fall focal point of my apartment and as a bonus "fall" themes can be used from September until Thanksgiving--more bang for your buck as Christmas decor expires after a month!  Read on to find out 5 smart ways to add sparkle to your fall table this year!

Start with a statement centerpiece. Every great table will have a centerpiece that catches your guests' attention and draws them to the table. I thought this wheat bunch from West Elm was a beautiful statement piece that represented fall in the Midwest. After spending $24 on wheat (what?!) I decided that the rest of my table would be populated by vintage and thrift store finds--my favorite kind of decorating anyway!
Wheat Bunch - Medium

Swap out your clear glass for colored glass. I already owned some colored glass that I received as a Christmas gift this past year. The glass is part of the Godinger Modern Vintage collection at Macy's. (I actually own this entire collection and am obsessed with it!) The collection is retired but you can still pick up pieces on eBay, Amazon or through a Google search. I own parts of the Harlequin and Florentine collections. The glass was actually formed from mid-century glass molds and is high quality (lead-free) crystal! We only drink from fancy glasses at my place!

Godinger Modern Vintage Harlequin Collection
Another great place to find colored glass is your local thrift store. It's more collectible than clear glass, so may be harder to come by, but definitely worth a shot. I was able to find some green colored water glasses at my local brown elephant as well a matching green dish at a local Chicago thrift. If you're looking online, some great vintage brands to search for that also make colored glass are Anchor Hocking, Arcoroc France (often mistakenly read upside down as glcoloc), Forecrisa Mexico and Indiana Glass Company. 

Add in some mid-century lucite confetti candle sticks paired with brass candle stick holders. If you don't know what lucite confetti is, now is your time to learn! It was very popular in the 50s and 60s as jewelry and other decorative items such as candle sticks. Basically it is plastic with melted glitter, metal and other shiny objects inside of it--what's not to love?!  The candle sticks come in all different colors such as silver, gold, orange, red and green. The color I chose for my table was bronze and purchased them off Etsy for $12. They certainly add that "wow factor" in an unexpected way!

As for brass candle sticks, they are a thrift store basic. Don't ever pay full price for brass! You can easily find it at any flea market in a 10 mile radius! I found some really pretty brass candlestick holders for $3 at a thrift sale! Don't let dull, dirty brass stray you from purchasing. You can buy Simichrome and polish the brass like new! Look at my "before and after" polish job. The brass is so shiny it actually looks like gold now!
Simichrome Metal Polish
Before and After Polish

Use festive chargers or place mats. What's a charger you may be asking? I also had no idea what those indented plates were called that I've seen at fancy stores that carry china. After a Google search I found out they have a real name! I was able to pick up a few plastic gold ones for $1/piece at 2 different thrift stores and then a few ratan (wicker) ones for a quarter/piece also from a thrift store. Surprisingly chargers are quite easy to find at thrift stores so take a look before splurging on some from Macy's, Pier 1 or Cost Plus World Market. They really add color and flair to your chinaware (haha love rhyming!).

Set of 4 Gold Chargers at Macy's

Get down with DIY. Yes, make something! That way there is no way on earth someone will have the same table as you. For my table, I found one of those battery operated wax candles and a wooden candle stick holder for a few dollars at my local thrift and decided to glue candy corn to the candle. Voila, perfect for Thanksgiving.

(Ignore the crooked ones)
And there you have it. 5 unique and thrifty ways to create a fall table that will be sure to impress this fall holiday season! How do you decorate for fall? Let me know in the comments section!
(PS: That leaf dish, also from a thrift store!)

Here are some of my other fall decorations. Nothing to do with this post, but wanted you to see the rest of my decorations :)

Anchor Hocking avocado green bowl
Anchor Hocking hobnail glass
Mid-century wood and metal Gothic candle holder
Anchor Hocking water glasses

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