Sunday, September 21, 2014

How to Reburbish a Thrift Store Serving Tray

Chic DIY storage on a thrift store budget? Yes, please!
I LOVE serving trays. There's no reason not to love them. They can instantly turn a pile of junk into a chic pile of junk. They are a retro way to entertain and overall just a cute way to display anything on your coffee table. I recently moved in with my boyfriend, Albert who thought our kitchen counter was his personal storage area. Little piles of mail (some from years ago) lined the parameter of our counter. I gave him two trays and told him he can put anything he likes in them as long as they stay inside the tray--and it worked (for now--as I sometimes see little piles starting to form and I'll sneak them into his tray).

We both love West Elm as it's style is retro and contemporary (me) paired with modern (him). So no doubt we already own a few trays from there. I love this "mid century" tray they have right now, but who has a spare $100+ bucks laying around just to use as storage?? (I'm picturing a $100 bill storing something in it and thinking I could definitely use it for something else.......)

Going to thrift stores is probably one of my favorite hobbies. Mostly because you never know what you're going to find and I'm always on the search for my next art project. A few weeks back I was at one of my favorite local thrift shops (and I promise to write more on my favorite Chicago shops in another post), and I came across this white tray.

It was obviously someone else's 90s DIY project that ended up in a thrift shop. On a side note I see a lot of DIY #fails on the shelves of my local thrifts along with wedding favors (hint to anyone planning a wedding!)

This tray was only $6 because I got it on sale (and yes sales at thrift shops are amazing!) I knew instantly this was going to be a fairly easy makeover because the paint color was light/white. The tray itself was good quality-solid wood and the best part it had a glass overlay meaning I could put whatever I wanted under it! Score!

Whenever you're looking for a piece to refinish, please make sure you do a quick mental check as to how you will take apart the piece--I noticed right away there were screws on the corners of the item, so I knew I could take it apart.

You're going to find from reading this blog that I love patterns and bright colors so I figured I'd find the paper first and then the paint color second. Living in Chicago we are limited to our art stores and thankfully a Michael's (a very small one, but none-the-less FINALLY a craft store), opened up so that's usually my first go-to for supplies.

I then found this gemstone print at Michael's and instantly fell in love. I wanted something than the standard chevron or my personal favorite quatrefoil print. And what girl doesn't love jewels?? :)

As for the paint, I picked up some Behr Marquee Opulence collection in Compass Blue (You can also use spray paint, but I live in Chicago where spray paint isn't readily available to the public and I live in a high rise so no where to spray so I will generally paint by hand). Navy is one of my favorite colors right now so I thought this blue was a just a brighter version of that. And you can buy paint samples from Home Depot for around $6 so this was just enough paint for me project. I sanded the wood, applied the paint, (threw out the crochet underlay) and put in my graphic print and I was finished!

Albert was thrilled to have another tray (nope, not really).

PS: The glasses and vase are also some fab thrift store finds :)

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